About Us

Atmasanta Travel & Tours is an innovative tour operator and travel agent with abundant experience of twenty years operation from 1987. Atmasanta Travel & Tours is now operated by professional team with years of experience in different tourism fields such as Ticketing, MICE, Leisure Travel, Adventure, Cruise Line and Business Travel Management.

On its maturity and its many years experience in tourism field, Atmasanta Travel & Tours has built a reputation for impeccable service and meticulous attention to detail as professional Tour Operator, as the team realized to the variety need and demand in exploring the Archipelago.

With commitment to a distinctive traveling style we continually upgrade and develop new products to enhance your vacation or business arrangements. We can guarantee our service and expertise to ensure the smooth running of every tour program we offer. Our meticulous attentions to each tour detail coupled with discreet and personal attention to the needs of our clients have promoted the main principle of service ‘Pro Pulchrum, Bonum and Verum’.

With strategic offices in Kuala Lumpur, Bali and Flores and our strong alliance and network with hotels, restaurants, land transport, airlines and other companies involve in our service and best yachts and ship cruising around the archipelago we believe that we have greater chance to present our best in service. It also make easy for us to dominate the destinations and to act in accordance with actual demands of each client.

With many years experience we work for each client with our personal attention to cover the need of individual client or group, whatever need it may be.


For Your Holiday on the Tropical Islands of Indonesia